Welcome to the Shenmue UK links page, here are a list of links to Shenmue sites, i have also listed links to some sites which are still there but no longer active (havent been updated in a very long time). Also there a few links to non shenmue sites.
Shenmue Dojo - One of the best and longest running shenmue fan sites out there, also has the biggest and best community out of all the shenmue sites (not that there many left to compete with lol)
Hazuki Dojo - Some call it the Shenmue Dojo's sister site, it is the offspring of Ryo's place. A very proffesional looking site with lots of info on the series and a good community.
Shenmixes - A shenmue site which re-works and re-mixes shenmue tunes. The owner is Red Rum, i have a load of his mixes on my site (none of which are on his site) so check it out!
Shenmue.com - The official Shenmue site.
Shenmue-Online.com - The official site for the upcoming shenmue game, Shenmue-online.
Legend of Shenmue - A myspace page dedicated to Shenmue. This is the second home of the Shenmue Campaign!
Novin Works Shenmue and VF page - A page by Novin works dedicated to Am2's best, the Shenmue and Virtua fighter series.
Shenmue Fans - A Shenmue Bebo page!
Shenmue Master - A French Shenmue site.
Ren Forums - A shenmue forum community from the myspace Ren of heavens page.
Shenmue Chapter 2 - The New Shenmue fan game being made by Tenshin soft.
ShenSonic - The fantastic Shenmue fan game.
The Shenmue Archive - An old shenmue site from about 2001/2002  which hasent been updated for years!
Yu Suzuki Fan Forum - A fan forum dedicated to Yu suzuki (the creator of shenmue). Used to be maintained by our very own Drunkroadie (Shenmue-uk forums staff member)
Shenmue-UK Version I - The original Shenmue-UK!
Shenmue-UK Version II - The second incarnation of Shenmue-UK, how it looked not long before it got hacked in September 2004.
Shenmue-Epic - Deceased Shenmue forum.
Shenmue 2 Graphical Differences - A great site which lists graphical differences between the Dreamcast and Xbox versions of Shenmue 2.
Shenmue-Fan - Deceased Shenmue forum.
The Shenmue Fansite - An old shenmue site which hasent been updated since 2002.
Shenmue Yokasuka - An old shenmue site which hasent been updated since 2001.
Super Joystick - A great online retro videogame store based in the UK.
Sega Saturn: UK - A superb community of Sega Saturn fans.
Sega-16 Forums - A community of Sega fans who enjoy the 16-bit era of Sega which includes Megadrive, Mega-CD and Megadrive 32x.
SEGA/SHIN FORCE - An excellent Sega fansite covering all systems and games including Shenmue.
Sega CD Universe - An excellent web resource dedicated to Sega's ill fated first CD System!