Lawn Treatments
Want to make your lawn look the best it possibly can? Do you want a lovely green,
thick, luscious looking healthy lawn? Look no further, we are able to offer the very
best treatments available to make this possible.

We offer a Bi/Tri Annual service to be carried out in Spring-Summer-Autumn
intervals. We offer a treatment plan that suits you, single, bi-annual, tri-annual, but
for best results we recommend opting for the tri-annual plan to make sure your
lawn is kept to the best possible standard. This comprises the following;
Maxicrop Moss Kill
Professional moss killer and conditioner – Herbicide. A powerful iron based Moss
Killer gives a rapid kill of moss and
produces a dramatic improvement in turf colour. The added seaweed
stimulates tough roots and strong stems to cover the thin weak areas left by dead

Applied at a rate of 500 litres per hectare with a flow rate at an average walking
speed of 5kmh will be 2.08 litre per minute (Using White Deflector Nozzle).
Esteron T, Praxyss & Cabadex Selective Herbicides. Used on rotation during
treatments, t
hese are all an extremely effective selective turf herbicide containing
such active ingredients as florasulam and 2,4-D. They are used for the control of
broad leaf weeds in any turf including domestic lawns.

Applied at rate of 400 litres per hectare, therefore using the grey deflector nozzle for
an average flow rate of 1.67 litre per minute.

Lawn Feed
Nutrigrow Spring-Summer/Autumn is a specialist nitrogen & phosphate slow
release six week feed for general purpose domestic lawns where a rotary mower
is used. Turf response within 7 days. Provides excellent green colour and slow
continuous growth.
Applied using granular spreader applicator.

Winter Lawn Work
Winter is the perfect time to carry out aeration and scarification work, we are also
able to provide this service by hiring out the relevant equipment needed.

Other Services
From time to time lawns can suffer from drought damage, infestations such as
leather jackets. We can provide guidance and quotes to rectify such situations with
the use of nematodes and turfing, over-seeding and top dressing services.
Treatments to be legally carried out by
Patrick Ingham, licensed and
accredited by Lantra Awards PA1/PA6