Team Yu is a campaign urging Sega to give the Shenmue license to Yu Suzuki, so that he can explore other funding options for Shenmue III. Whether thats knocking on the doors of other publisher, crowd sourcing donations through kickstarter, negotiating an exclusivity deal with one of the console manufacturers or a combination of these. He's passionate about making this sequal and concluding his story, but Sega seem disinterested and even resentful towards the franchise. Thats their right, but we believe its unfair of them to hold onto the license if they dont intend to produce the game that fans have been waiting over a decade to play.

Were trying to gather support on Facebook and Twitter (and beyond), encouraging fans to back Yu Suzuki and pressure Sega into doing the right thing. Team Yu focuses on this very specific goal of liberating the Shenmue license, rather than continuing the vague pleas for Shenmue III that have been ignored for the past 10 years. Appealing to Sega to make the game themselves simply is not working, and we believe this is the key issue that needs to be resolved before any real progess can be made.

In February 2012 the Team Yu campaign joined forces with the older Shenmue 500k Campaign, together they have forged a partnership to support each other and thus give more resounding voices. We are appealing to any fans who are reading this to join in with the campaign, check out the Facebook & Twitter pages and also the forum topic on how to help and with any idea's you might have on how to get Sega's attention. All relevent links are to the right of the banner.

Thats it for now, and please check out Team Yu's campaign video below and
letsgetsweaty's message calling for a monthly tweetathon to Sega.


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SHENMUE Call to Action! If you're a fan of Shenmue, then get yourself on Twitter Sunday, June 3rd, and take part in the second of a monthly drive to raise awareness of a vital piece of the Shenmue III puzzle. Team Yu needs YOU! On the third day of each month, we need you to tweet 'at' SEGA with the hashtag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense - because the only way we're going to get a conclusion to Yu Suzuki's epic tale is if Sega let him find a way to make it without their help (which has been unforthcoming for the last ten years). In addition, on the same third day of each month, please retweet EVERY related message you can find in support of this goal, and encourage your friends to do the same. We need to show Sega that the Shenmue fanbase is vast and will not be silenced. Individual users continue to be blocked by Sega's Twitter account for daring to enquire about this abruptly halted series of games. But in the face of a larger social event, Sega's Twitter team cannot keep their fingers in the company's ears; if enough people make enough noise, somebody will be forced to listen. So please, if you ever want to see Shenmue 3 get made, just set aside a few minutes on Sunday June 3rd, and every 3rd of the month thereafter, to tweet 'at' SEGA for them to #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense - and retweet every related post you can find, old and new. Ryo Hazuki embarked on his adventure on December 3rd, and now day 3 of each month is Shenmue 3 day on Twitter. This months (May 3rd) tweetathon was a big success, so set the trend continuing Sunday, June 3rd: #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense 'at' SEGA
A Message from Team Yu leader "letsgetsweaty"