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17 July 2017

Where to start? its been a long time since an update, although i have still been
active but was unable to update here due to a programming error which has
now been resolved. The hottest new item to announce is the "Savage Demos"
CD compilation, featuring 13 early pre-fenton versions of tracks from Numans
upcoming new album. The latest DVD's to be added are Moogfest 2016 Double
DVD & UK Retro Shows 2016 Best Of Compilation. The Latest Live CD's are UK
Retro Shows 2016 Portsmouth Pyramids & London Brixton Electric 2016. Some
fairly recent CD's are 2 fantastic compilations; Instrumentals Best Of 1985-2016
& Collabs+Remixes 2003-2016 Featuring all Gary's collaborations from Rico &
Andy Gray up to the latest Dusky & Titan tunes.

24 May 2015

Following on from Gary's very successfull One off show at the Royal Festival Hall
in London March 2015 We have a new CD/DVD taken from that show which
contains most of the excellent and obscure set list he performed that night! one
fo the best cd/dvd's in ages!

26 February 2015
We have released the final Splinter CD/DVD from the finally complete huge
worldwide tour that supported Numans most successful album in decades. It is
from the North America 'Fall Tour 14 live from Edmonton, Canada & includes a
live performance of  "A Shadow Falls On Me" (not featured on previous shows)
& also a great performance of "Absolution". Check this out in the Splinter World
Tour Section of the site.

03 October 2014
New UK Intimate Tour 2014 Compilation DVD from various venues & bonus
Interviews, also live CD live from the Exeter Show, find both in the Splinter World
Tour Section. Also new DVD "Exiled In North America '98" Very rare Ade Orange
produced tour documentary from the tour of the states that year.
We like to Trade the following media;

Gary Numan - Unauthorised is a website dedicated to trading all things numan. We
hope you find what we have listed interesting and if you are interested in trading just
give us a shout on the contact page.
What we Want

Audio and Video recording of concerts, rare demo's and alternate versions of
tracks, concert photo's and magazine interviews etc  

This is a not for profit website interested in all things Numan.
26 August 2017

Following Gary's recent successful festival appearance at the Standon Calling
festival in Hertfordshire and subsequent mini tour to tie in with that appearance
and to promote upcoming Savage album we are proud to announce the
availability of a 13 track DVD with bonus interviews which features 6 live
versions of new Savage tracks, which sound very powerful live. Also check out
the new GNU "Dual Feature" DVD range, these combine 2 DVD's in the same
package from the same Year, all 4 that are now available are in DVD area.
26 November 2017

Well those last few months flew by with so much going on, exciting times to be a
Numanoid, after having a very busy September/October with the launch of
Savage, meeting Gary & attending several UK/Euro shows i have finally got round
to creating something to document this exciting period. I was blown away by the
power of the new tracks live, personally this album and tour was a Splinter
beater! hard to imagine that was possible. Now available is a new Savage CD
Live Album from Cardiff & Savage UK/European Live DVD with bonus interviews.
Also added to the CD section is the new Savage Extended versions.
28 May 2018

To celebrate the amazing second part of the Savage UK/European tour which
took place in March 2018 we have released a new live CD album and DVD. Gary
and the bands performances were amazing on this tour and im very happy with
how the DVD especially has turned out, even more so than the last one, it also
includes the brilliant Old Grey Whistle test interview/ performance and both the
latest Promo videos for the singles "My Name is Ruin & The End of Things".
08 July 2019

In commemoration of the culmination of the incredible Savage world tour we
have released a new live CD album, DVD & Blu Ray. This is a recording/video of
the final ever Savage themed show which took place at the Rockaway Beach
Festival in Butlins leisure complex, Bognor Regis, England. This was a great final
send off to probably the most successful Numan tour since warriors, but gary
now looks to the Intruder album campaign.

Also in this update i am proud to announce a select number of past shows are
now available to be played/ordered exclusively on the Blu-Ray format in true
1080 High Definition, with the picture being noticeably sharper than the dvd
counterparts. see below which shows are available.
What's New?

8 December 2019

In t
his update i am able to proudly announce a batch of new media to enjoy the
nostalgic treat that was the 2019 (R)Evolution Tour. 2 x Live CD's From Coventry
& London, DVD & Blu Ray featuring tracks from various venues. The DVD
features the main set list + bonus tracks which were performed less frequently.
The Blu Ray has 50% different footage than the DVD but is shorter tracklisting
and all from Southampton/London. Also new to celebrate the 40th anniversary a
2 CD compilation entitled "A Selection of his best 1979-2019", this special
selection featuring a track from every album generally not the normal picks
from casual fans or record company compilation choices, the tracks are in year
order for a fascinating listen to how Gary's music is ever evolving throughout his